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iKidz Singapore


As schools strive to differentiate through innovative curricula and experimenting with new types of learning for their students, why not consider alternative forms of differentiation?

Corporations & businesses seeking to forge corporate identity or enhance brand awareness have found the use of customised stationery or lifestyle products a highly effective tool and are increasingly using this as a means to reach out to their clients and customers.

Likewise, customised school stationery and accessories can be an excellent way to bond a school with their students as well as with the community. It is a form of creative innovation that can turn ordinary interactions into meaningful and memorable connections and schools venturing on such a project may find themselves springing up unexplored benefits and brand new opportunities. Last but not least, a customised piece of school stationery will, in the years ahead, become a beautiful memento of an unforgettable school experience.

At Inergy & Sol, we pride ourselves on giving only the best. We are committed to delivering products which are uniquely different and functionally superior. We strive to meet your every need. For us, no job is too small to undertake and no idea too big to explore.

School-A-Brand, dedicated to those who are willing to be leaders in their own fields.

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