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iKidz Singapore
Heelloo friends,

I know that many of you find drawing models with your ruler tedious and cumbersome.

You know what? I totally agree! Using a normal ruler to draw models indeed tiring and time-consuming!

But did you know that drawing accurate models can help you solve mathematical word problems faster and easier?

The model-drawing approach is a very powerful strategy, especially for solving word problems. Model drawing can simplify complex word problems, helping you find solutions quickly. Solving high-level and non-routine word problems, especially multi-step ones involving percentage, fractions and ratio can also be made so much easier.

So my dear friends, use model drawing effectively and start scoring As for your Maths!

To help you, I have come up with the perfect solution – the ikidz PoweRuler!

Equipped with 10 super functions, the ikidz PoweRuler not only gives you perfect models accurately and quickly in under 3 seconds, drawing clock diagrams, semi-circles, text boxes and basic shapes becomes a breeze!

The PoweRuler is a must-have tool for every child who wants to excel in Maths. So what you are waiting for? Get yours today and you'll be on your way to scoring As for Maths!

With the PoweRuler, Maths lessons can be so much more enjoyable!



  • Draw Model Diagrams & Parts quickly and accurately
  • Draw Straight Lines
  • Draw Parallel Lines
  • Draw Time on Clock with markings provided
  • Draw Circle Fractions easily with Circle Divider
  • Draw Pie Charts
  • Draw Perpendicular Lines
  • Draw Right Angles
  • Draw Shapes ( square, triangle, rectangle, circle )
  • Draw Text & Number Boxes

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Under Construction

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