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iKIDz Singapore
Get to know me better


Feel like a child, Think as a parent.
These are the simple principles upon which all our activities are founded.

At iKIDz we take pains to understand our customers
– the little children of today, future leaders of tomorrow.

We recognise that the children of the new millenium are markedly different from previous generations.

We strive to see the world through the eyes of children, feeling their fast-changing needs and understanding their ever-growing wants.

We stop to walk in the shoes of parents, working to fulfil their every silent wish – to provide, protect, and partner their children in the best ways possible

In this dizzily fast-paced and technology-centric era where accelerated pace of life is norm, children from as young as 2 years old are faced with growing-up challenges and learning stresses which steadily intensify with every passing day.

Recent studies and research show that learning smart has become the new formula for success and strategy is clearly becoming a key determinant of excellence. Keeping pace with these developments, we firmly believe that the solution to helping children thrive in this dynamic world of today involves innovative ways of thinking and smart methods of working.

To help children work smarter and learn easier, iKIDz is committed to the research, conceptualization and development of cutting-edge stationery and smart solutions which are designed and engineered to simplify work, enhance efficiency and increase productivity for our customers. Innovative and proprietary, our products and solutions are refreshingly niche and ahead of the market, promising to meet the fast-changing needs and ever growing demands of the new generation children.


We dedicate ourselves to helping kids work smarter, learn easier, keep safer.

You know what? I totally agree! Using a normal ruler to draw models indeed tiring and time-consuming!

We commit to fulfilling their needs of today, anticipating their wants of tomorrow


To be a brand that parents can trust completely and children will love wholeheartedly.

Our Unique Proposition

With a sound product development strategy based on our core principles of innovation, evolution and relevance, creating true value for our customers and partners is our primary goal and this is our biggest differentiating factor

Our Pledge

Through innovation and re-invention,
We bring forth new age products and services,
Creating value for our customers &
Making life simpler, safer and smarter

Through a sustainable model of giving,
We make it possible for people to continually help others,
enriching our lives and making a difference
in that of our less fortunate

Through partnerships with all key stakeholders,
We strive to nurture and groom our young
Inspiring the future generation of business leaders & entrepreneurs
to commit to the well-being of Mother Earth & their community


Deep into the Milky Way millions of miles away from Earth lies a secret extrasolar planet – PLANET NIKKIVY 918.

Unknown to even the world's top scientist and most experienced astronomer, the reason for its ability to stay hidden is a mystery, but one thing for sure is that this undiscovered planet about 10 times the size of Earth is home to a species of extraterrestrials who are more than happy to keep their existence a secret safe from the knowledge of earthlings.

There in PLANET NIKKIVY 918, the highly intelligent and sophisticatedly advanced inhabitants have long mastered the art of communicating via controlled telepathy and transportation from point to point is simply the press of a button.

For centuries the extraterrestrials live in bliss and harmony, until little Jeno comes along……

The youngest and probably the most intelligent of all terrestrials, Little Jeno is extraordinarily cheeky and mischievous. Always with a bagful of tricks, his favourite pastime is to drop a prank or two onto his unsuspecting alien friends, often resulting in chaos and confusion within the otherwise peaceful environment.

Tired of Jeno's silly pranks, the Chief of PLANET NIKKIVY 918 decides to teach him a lesson.

Without warning, poor little Jeno finds himself banished to Earth, assigned with a task ……. do something meaningful or risk never going back to the Planet.

Lost and frightened, little Jeno is full of remorse and regret for his actions. He resolves to turn over a new leaf and earn his ticket back home.

By a stroke of fate, he stumbles onto a little girl. Clutching a piece of half torn paper in her hand, she sobs uncontrollably. Filled with both curiosity and concern, Little Jeno walks over to talk to her.

Startled by Jeno at first, the little girl slowly finds herself warmly fascinated by this oddly cute creature and starts confiding in him. In between sniffs and sobs, she tells him how she had performed badly in her Maths test because she could not draw models properly. Upon seeing her poor results, her mother had gone into a rage and tore up the Maths paper. Now the little girl does not know how to explain to her teacher. Neither does she know what to do to improve her model drawing.

Little Jeno's eyes gleamed! His body shook with excitement. He knew what he had to do. His mission became clear. He wanted to help the little children work smarter, learn easier and keep safer ! He was going to be every child's superhero!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are used fictitiously and all descriptions, information and material of any kind contained herein are used for entertainment purposes only, not to be relied on for accuracy or replicated in any way.
Dear friends,

Being a mother of 2 beautiful girls, I can truly understand and relate to the saying that parenting today has taken on a completely new definition.

As parents of today’s young children, regardless of whether you are a working mother juggling between job challenges and maternal duties or a stay-at home mummy striving to strike a balance between the multiple roles as housekeepers, care-providers or tutors to their children, health and wellness worries ranging from myopia to cyber habits and academic concerns about schoolwork, exams or CCA excellence weigh on our minds constantly. In many of these areas, we know we’d like things to be done differently. Yet we often find ourselves feeling helpless.

For many years, I suffered the same frustrations that many of you are going through right now.

And this is the biggest reason for the “birth” of iKIDz!

1. What is iKIDz about?

We love children.

Our key focus is to put smiles on children’s faces. And we aim to do this by developing and delivering new age products and up-to-date solutions that will help children learn easier, work smarter.

A Sunday Times poll conducted by the Straits Times found that out of 100 students, 97 students are attending tuition with a significant number of parents enrolling their children in multiple tuition or enrichment centres.

Walk into any into “Popular” bookstore and we are almost certain to find ourselves lost in the mountainous piles of assessment, enrichment or guide books that promise to make geniuses of our children.

As parents ourselves, we acknowledge the importance of academic excellence. At the same time we understand fully the stresses and challenges the children of today face.

Given the accelerated pace of learning in Singapore, the old adage of “work hard” is no longer sufficient. It is important that today’s children work smart!

Making use of design excellence and creative innovation, iKIDz is committed to the conceptualization and development of intelligent and multi-functional products that can adequately meet the changing needs and wants of today’s generation of young children.

Applying our design principles of Innovation With Practicality & Creativity With Functionality, we ensure that our products are engineered intelligently to help children learn easier and work smarter.

As parents who care, one of the best things you can do is to equip your children with the best “learning tools” possible.

As a business, our role is to partner all parents by bringing you “21st century tools and aids” which will serve to create happier schooling experiences for all children.

Together, let’s work to help our children achieve more, the smarter way.

2. What is our unique proposition?

The key difference about us is that at iKIDz, we think of ourselves first as parents, then as business owners.

We create products which bring about true value for our little customers.

Your children are as important to us as they are to you. We know how much their happiness, health and safety matters.

What we will not give to our children, we will not give them to yours.

3. What is our vision for the business?

With a firm commitment to delivering quality, intelligent and safe-to-use products and solutions that will make a positive difference in the lives of our young customers, we look towards being a brand that parents can trust completely and children will love wholeheartedly.

4. What are our core values?

Innovation with Practicality
Creativity with Functionality
Safety with Integrity
Affordability with Quality

5. Why are iKIDz products only sold online?

At iKIDz, we take pride in our products. We believe in what we have to offer and hope to see them reach out and serve every child, not just in Singapore but all over the world.

We want to offer our customers the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. By selling directly, we can eliminate all unnecessary costs, thereby delivering you THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

We believe that the best way to continually improve on our products is through strong partnerships with you, our customers. To us, every transaction is more than a sale. It is the start of a long term relationship aimed at achieving a common goal – to bring smiles, happiness and health to your children. Selling online allows us to connect directly with you, our valued customers. We hope to strengthen our brand through direct interaction with our customers, simply because we believe you know what your children need and want, best.

Should you wish for us to conduct a private sale event at your school or office, please feel free to talk to us. Email us at and we will be more than happy to work something out for you.

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